Social Anxiety

Social anxiety

Some of us shine in the spotlight. Some of us can think of nothing worse. The world is full of extroverts and introverts. Show offs and the shy and retiring. But if you’re finding that you dread or avoid social situations because they make you feel uncomfortable, there could be something else going on.

How to navigate starting university if you suffer from social anxiety

Starting university

If you suffer from social anxiety – a fear or dread of social situations – then starting university might feel like the worst thing that’s ever happened to you. Likely, Fresher’s Week, the idea that everyone is meeting the best friends they’ll ever have might be your own personal hell if you’re anxious about what others may think of you, worried you’ll say the wrong thing or do something embarrassing.

Body Dysmorphia Disorder

Body Dismorphia Disorder

We all worry about how we look. At some time or another, even the most confident and self-assured give in to insecurities and doubt. I’m to ‘this’ or not enough ‘that’. And in a world filled with air-brushed supermodels and image-obsessed Kardashians, how can we not?

How to manage financial stress during a cost of living crisis

Financial stress

Your energy bills, the weekly shop, filling up the car… the cost of just about everything in the UK is soaring. With inflation at its highest level since 1982 – and more predicted to come – it’s no wonder that more than three quarters of adults feel “very or somewhat worried about the rising costs of living”.