Questions about AIME?

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AIME is for everyone who needs support with their emotional and mental wellbeing. You might be suffering with depression or anxiety, have relationship issues, or work stresses, or perhaps you want to understand your emotional makeup better and grow personally.

Maybe your current options for support are limited to waiting on a long list for a public healthcare practitioner or paying for expensive private therapy. Unlike these options, AIME will be free for a certain period of time and instantly accessible. AIME is here to help you navigate life’s ups and downs, every hour of every day, whenever you need trusted, personal support.

It can also be used alongside other healthcare interventions, such as therapy.

No. AIME cannot provide a diagnosis or any medical treatment options. Only registered healthcare professionals are permitted to do that. But the app will monitor your symptoms and progress and may suggest you seek additional support. You can then use your AIME analysis to help you talk to a relevant healthcare professional.

Yes, you can use AIME in conjunction with therapy. In fact, it’s ideal for when you need additional support outside of your appointment times. But also as a tool to help you in your therapy sessions: you can talk through the moods and feelings etc. that you’ve logged since your last session, and discuss your breakthroughs.

The advice comes from our team of Pyshologists, who provide the robust scientific information and research that informs every strategy suggested and every conversation you have with AIME. Ultimately, it’s all based on proven science and is about discovering what works best for you.

Extremely secure. All the information you share with AIME is private; it’s anonymised and safely stored. We will never share any of your data, in any form, with anyone.